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Why do you need a Professional Stager?

Some people just can’t scale down. Other people can scale down but their houses still don’t sell. We’ve all heard stories of people who have chatted with their friends, learned the newest trend for paint colours, painted their homes that new colour, “decluttered” and yet their houses still have a For Sale sign on them. […]

Style v. Trend v. Fad

When it comes to your decorating or renovating budget, it is really important to understand the difference between these concepts when allocating your budget. Let’s understand the differences. Style Style is a concept that is meant to embrace a period, philosophy of design or cultural period that can last for decades. Types of styles that […]

Trendy Picks don’t always work for Everyone

When Interior Decorating and Interior Design work best, it is when the decorator or designer makes sure that the choices made have both “form and function”. What this means, is that, not only should the pieces chosen be beautiful and stylish, but they should function well for the purpose intended in the client’s home. Sometimes current […]