Some people just can’t scale down.

Other people can scale down but their houses still don’t sell. We’ve all heard stories of people who have chatted with their friends, learned the newest trend for paint colours, painted their homes that new colour, “decluttered” and yet their houses still have a For Sale sign on them.

Houses that sell well are those where a professional stager has been involved. The reason is that professional staging performed by a certified and qualified stager is so much more than painting, “decluttering” or pillow fluffing. A professional stager goes through your home in great detail, notes your home’s assets and problem points and comes up with solutions to showcase your home so that it will be competitive with similar homes in the area, sell faster and often at a higher price than an unstaged home.

Statistics from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) show that the services of a professional stager can bring a return on investment (ROI) of between $1.89 – $5.89 for every dollar spent on that stager’s fees. What accounts for the return on the staging investment? It’s the analysis of your home and the application of tried and true formulas to ensure that your home is presenting the best that it can to the buyers most likely to be interested in it. Homeowners often have a strong emotional tie to their houses, furniture and accessories or their own conveniences that they have set up within the home for daily living. Sometimes those choices get in the way of selling. Often those choices can be in the wrong place or detract or distract from how well the house’s assets can be presented.

Over 90% of future buyers review homes online. If that home isn’t showing properly and appealing to the buyer most likely to buy that house, the Discard button is hit and rarely does a buyer ask for that property to be placed back on the list of houses they want to see.

As an owner, how important it is for your home to sell quickly? Do you have ongoing mortgage payments or two monthly mortgage/rent payments if you have already moved? How important is it for your home to sell for the best possible price? Are there debts to pay off or expenses that are coming up? If these considerations are causing you concern, call us for a consultation. We will make recommendations for you and you can decide which next steps to take.