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Be Competitive. Sell Higher. Sell Faster.

If done thoughtfully and by a certified professional, staging can give your home a competitive advantage over other houses, increase your chances of a higher selling price and reduce the time your home is on the market.  We accomplish this by showcasing a home that will appeal to the most prospective buyers.

Today’s buyers use three steps to decide on which home to buy. Online photography determines whether your home will make the initial cut. Curb appeal or lack thereof will either take you to the next step or out of contention. Then, the first few minutes in your home will determine whether the buyer is interested. At Upscale Interiors, we optimize each step to ensure you have the best chance to close the deal at the best price.

Our Staging Process


This service is key to staging your home successfully. We carefully review your property inside and out and provide you with a detailed and individualized room by room plan for your property, including:

•  what should stay and what should be packed

•  optimum color and paint choices

•  optimum furniture placement

•  recommend art and accessories to showcase your home best

•  organizing tips

•  hardware or fixture advice

•  advice on optimizing your home’s curb and outdoor appeal.

•  suggest repairs or improvements that will add value to your home


We provide an itemized list to the homeowner with recommendations to best showcase the home. The work can be done by the homeowner or we can recommend reputable businesses to assist at this stage.


This is where it all comes together. Using your furnishings and accessories, a combination of yours and ours or our furnishings and accessories, we stage your house to bring out its best features.  We have a supply of stylish items that will bring your house to life.

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