Home is Where Your Story Begins



Sometimes a major overhaul isn’t needed.

We offer redesign and issue-specific consultations that can help solve your design or decorating problem.


Do you have pieces you already love but need a change or a little help to bring it all together? A redesign is a cost-effective way of using many of your own pieces with recommendations as to color, placement, art, and accessories that will give your room that wow factor.


Feeling depressed or irritated? Color could be the reason.  Do you simply need a change? Changing your paint color is the biggest decorating bang for the buck.  Let us help you choose a color palette that makes your home give the impression it should.

Furniture and Proportion:

Incorrect placement of furniture can be a source of constant irritation. Incorrectly sized furniture can make your room feel far smaller or larger than it really is. Let us help you design the optimum room for your needs.

Art and Accessories:

These items are what really transform a dull space into a well put together room.  Let us help you find the right pieces to create the space you’ve always wanted.

Window Coverings:

Too much glare in the Okanagan sun?  Too little light in the Okanagan winter?  Need some drama, some serenity or a way to make your room feel larger or more put together?  The right window coverings make a huge difference.


Often overlooked, the wrong lighting can make a room feel cavelike, depressing or stark. The right lighting can improve mood, create a wonderful ambiance and bring a stunning drama to your home.

Outdoor Design:

Let us plan an outdoor space for you to enjoy what this beautiful region offers.

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