When it comes to your decorating or renovating budget, it is really important to understand the difference between these concepts when allocating your budget. Let’s understand the differences.


Style is a concept that is meant to embrace a period, philosophy of design or cultural period that can last for decades. Types of styles that you may have heard of are contemporary, mid-century modern, French provincial, art deco, traditional, transitional, rustic, postmodernism and so forth. Most of your planning and spending should be in this area unless you are looking to renovate every 10 years or so.


A trend, on the other hand, is a general direction in which a style is evolving or changing. A trend will generally last for several years. Trends will cover a number of aspects such as colour, pattern, appliance materials, countertop or tile materials, detailing and accessories. An example of a recent trend would be the white on white kitchen using a traditional, transitional or Nordic style. This trend is now ending in favor of the use of colour. Another trend was the use of stainless steel and chrome in fixtures and appliances. This trend is now ending and being replaced with the use of warmer or mixed metals.


A fad is the least lasting concept. It may be very popular in the short term (very roughly 2 years) and then is often quickly forgotten. Because the turnover is quick, the least amount of your budget should be spent here. Examples of a fad may be the use of faux fur pillows or throws and textual artwork and accessories (where the art or accessory is composed of words or phrases).